About Us

Sessions Company, Inc. is one of the oldest, continuing businesses in Coffee County.  Its long history is intertwined with the story of Coffee County, especially its agriculture.

In 1910, Mr. H.M. Sessions moved to Enterprise from Ozark and started an Agricultural Supply and Mule Sale business.  In 1917 this business was later changed and formed into Sessions Brothers Trading Company.  It wasn't until 1932 that the business was incorporated as Sessions Company, Inc.

The primary business for Sessions and its predecessor was its operation as a peanut processor.  As a peanut processor, Sessions has been an integral and important part of Coffee County agriculture.  In fact, Mr. H.M. Sessions, a principal in the company and in Sessions Brothers was one of the primary movers behind the Boll Weevil Monument.

In 1945, Mr. Lewe Sessions, one of the original Sessions Brothers and the son of H.M. Sessions wrote: "prior to the year 1915, cotton was the principal money crop of Coffee County....but in 1915, the Boll Weevil played havoc with the cotton crop and cotton production declined from over 15,000 bales to less than 5,000 bales.

The continued success of the peanut crop led to the change in Coffee County agriculture from Cotton to Peanuts. In 1919 the citizens of Enterprise erected a monument known as the Boll Weevil Monument (shown on the right).

In 2017 Sessions celebrated 100 years in the peanut business.  During these years Sessions has been a peanut sheller, peanut butter manufacturer, peanut oil producer, and a producer of peanut meal.  Thanks to many, many wonderful employees and peanut growers, Sessions continues what it started in 1917.